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About Us

A & D Pope Wholesale Nursery have specialised in supply hedging plants for over 20 years.

Our customers include other wholesale nurseries, garden centres, landscape companies, local authorities and members of the public.

Rather than growing a wide range of plants, as many nurseries do, we focus our efforts on growing a narrow range of hedging plants, including Conifers such as Leylandii, Thuja and Taxus, we also grow Laurel, Red Robin and Beech.

Specialising in this way enables us to produce consistently excellent quality plants while keeping production costs to a minimum. We believe this gives our customer the best value plants possible.

Specialising also allows us to produce taller plants than are commonly sold. For example, one of our most popular lines are 5-6ft / 150-180cm Laurel plants. Due to our production methods we can often supply these plants for half the recommended retail price!

So if you are looking for larger plants at better value, you have found the right place to buy your hedging plants.

Thanks for looking.